Jenny February 24th, 2021

Thank you for saving me numerous times from the huge 8-legged beasties who found their way into my house, Neill was so good at evicting them! Thank you for your wise and kind advice in the midst of many dilemmas faced by my family, you and Dil were a port in a stormy sea (as well as in the glass). Always full of anecdotes of the adventures you and Dil went on - your telling of the warthog chasing you in Africa made me laugh, and I loved following your journeys through France and Spain in the campervan. I spent many a night with you and Dil while we chewed over life, helped of course by a lovely glass of mellow red wine....... He was our "Monty Don" of Garrard Close coupled with a "Hairy Biker", good with gardening and wildlife advice, and although he didn't cook, he had Dil to always rustle up a meal... I will always have fond memories of a wonderful witty man who could always keep us amused.... and our glass topped up (thank goodness I only lived next door) I shall think of him in his campervan wild camping in the middle of nowhere chilling out with binoculars in one hand and a nice mellow fruity red in the other..... Cheers Neill