Sue February 20th, 2021

You were such a lovely friend with a huge, calm, grounded nature and a sensitive presence. Being in your company along with Dilys was always relaxing, great fun, full of laughs, sometimes mad and quite often surreal. Hours would pass by putting the world to rights or receiving sound, rounded advice to help with the solution to a problem, or in making a decision. Quite often this would coincide with sharing a bottle or two of something nice, resulting in wild stories coming to light of your adventures and antics in the psychedelic ‘60s. You embraced all things multicultural and loved to go off grid in your travels, exploring and sampling the unusual. You introduced us to different foods and wines, including the famous Royal Naim balti with the enormous naan breads and chocolate barfi. The thing we will be forever grateful to you for, and that actually influenced the course of our lives, is passing on your amazing love of nature and conservation to us. We think this started with your photographic courses but became so much more than that. It wasn’t just the picture it was the whole experience of being there. Like our first trip to Norfolk to listen to nightingales. Trying to find them in the heathland by driving along with the camper windows down late at night was exciting and mad in itself, but the sheer delight of actually hearing our first one singing sent shivers down our spines. We were so incredibly lucky to hear this little bird that had travelled from Africa to sing for a mate and even more fortunate that you took the time to show us. Thank you so much, we will miss you Neill, but the influence you’ve had on our lives will remain with us forever along with all the wonderful memories. Sue and Mick xxx