A moment in time – L’Essoye, by Dilys King June 2007

In the lazy heat of June We paused for lunch by the Ource The river rippled around the reeds As it followed its ancient course Diners at the riverside bar Throw bread for the ducks below Unaware of the rhythm of life All around them in the flow Swallows swoop to capture Azure damselflies sublime Fluttering their courtship dance As do those with little time A flash of yellow, a wagtail lands And paddles along the ledge Snatching at the little flies That swarm at the water’s edge A gang of swifts scream as they pass And shoot on down the river A family of redstarts perch Their red tails all a-quiver Meanwhile the ducks all preen and roost Arranging every feather And the rhythm of life along the Ource Flows on and on for ever